I consider workshops an investment.  I’ve “invested” in three different workshops that are/were being held between April 1-mid May! 

April 1st was the Sandy Puc and Jerry Ghionis semiar.  It was AMAZING.  I got a flier in the mail back in February for it…Sarah (a photographer friend of mine) and I talked about it, but where nervous about signing up becuase we had never heard of it.  The week before the seminar we found out some other friends of ours were going, and they said it was supposed to be amazing.  So, last minute, we signed up…and it was.  Awesome!  I walked away with a ton of ideas in my brain.  (And the nigh out with the girls was pretty eventful too)

Saturday, I went to Photo Camp Ohio.  It was pretty good.  This was the first year of it being held in ohio…so they have some bugs to work out.  But I did learn some things 🙂

In May, I’m going to Cincinnati for a 4 day workshop.  It’s supposed to be awesome.  It’s LONG hours, so I’ll probably so tired when I come home…but hopefully it will be worth it 🙂  I’m excited for it!! 

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