Tasha Braniff Photography has moved

If you’ve landed here I’m so glad you’ve made it…BUT you need to take one more step.  This is my OLD blog.  My new website can be found HERE.  The new blog is also HERE.  

Here’s a few photos from recent sessions to enjoy before you click on over.

2015-10-12_0041 2015-10-13_0011 2015-10-13_0010 2015-10-13_0007 2015-10-12_0047

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Caution tape!

I recently purchased a new website AND blog, and I’m working hard to build it.  It’s going to be awesome once it’s finally finished…but please be patient while I work on getting it up and running!

In the mean time, please visit my facebook page for my most up to date work! 🙂

Thank you!

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My face behind the lens!

Sarah & I went out last weekend to do our family photos and it was way too cold and nasty.  We decided to do some fun quick head shots of each other, I’ve been wanting some for awhile and just haven’t made it happen! I decided to make a post out of it, a way of you getting to know ME!


Here are the basics:
I’m married to a wonderful loving husband and father–Josh.  We just celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary, but we’ve been together almost 12 years.  He played basketball, I was a cheerleader–separate schools but our schools played each other in sports with that and the help of “ICQ”  We hit it off and became inseparable quickly!    We have two gorgeous babies–Zoe (4) and Graham (19 months) .  We live in what I call a too small of a home, but it’s home for us!  I babysit a few days a week, in our home– that’s my “day time job”.

IMG_8826Now some not so average things:

My Strengths: 
You know that saying “They’d give you the shirt off their back”  that’s so true for me.  It’s so cliche but so true for my personality.  I would do anything for my friends and family, and even those whom I don’t know.
I can multitask.  In fact sometimes I am bored if I’m not multitasking.
I work well under pressure.  Sometimes I don’t mean to procrastinate, it just happens because my plate is full, but when it comes down to the wire I can get it done!
And I like my plate full.  I don’t know what to do with myself if I have “down” time.
I can manage a room full of active kids better than I can adults sometimes.
I can remember what you said or wore months ago, but then forget where I put my keys 10 minutes ago.


Saying NO.  My friend and I just had this conversation the other day!
I over analyze everything.   It’s hands down my biggest weakness, I’m learning to let go of it a little. But It’s HARD for me.  Easier said than done.
I take things to heart.  Big time. So I over analyze it, then I take it to heart.
Buying Jeans.  I could own a million pairs.  (My husband calls it a weakness, I call it a strength)


I Love:
Pepsi.  Growing up my “papaw” (My grandpa on my moms side) ALWAYS had a cup he filled with ice and then poured pepsi over it.  I can still see him standing there doing it.  Those tiny little square ice cubes from the white plastic trays.  He’s who I can thank for my love of pepsi.  There’s nothing like a COLD glass of pepsi.  (See my OCD section)
Making lists
Playdates with my girlfriends and their kids
Skinny jeans (or leggins) and boots
Fall smells coming from my scentsy burners
Hearing my kids laugh
Date nights with my hubby
Girls nights with my best friends
Birthdays.  I think it’s an awesome opportunity to spoil someone you love.
Making people happy
Working out.  (Even a year ago I would have never thought I’d say that)
That my kids have grandparents that love to spend time with them


Things that are important to our family:
Dinner at the table
Bedtime kisses
Music.  (We LOVE music.  I could go all day with the TV off (in fact I do most days when I’m home with the kids, but we play a lot of music)


My physiologist once told me; (yes I go to one.  I won’t hide that.  I think everyone deserves an outsider to vent to and to keep you in check)  that everyone has OCD in someways, we all just express it differently.  Here is were mine comes out:
I have to have a certain amount of ice in my cup  before my drink goes in it.
I can’t wear socks that are too thin, it creeps me out.
I’m weird about pens that I use, if they’re too thin I just can’t do it.
I can’t stand to touch the second toe on my foot. (It is weird to me, I hate it)
My nails.  I’ve had “fake” nails on since I was about 16 and I’m OCD about how they’re done.


I don’t really have any other hobbies that I do on a consistent basis now.  I have a few different things I like, but nothing big.   I have a few magazines that I like to read when I have “downtime”.  Maybe I should take a photo of the stack of them I have sitting… because I obviously have downtime to read them.


What do you not go one day without doing?
I don’t go a day without eating SOMETHING sweet.  When I was pregnant with my son I developed the worst sweet tooth.  Now everyday I have to find something small to satisfy it.


What do you watch on tv:
oh gosh.  I watch (dvr, and watch while editing) a lot.  But right now we’re really into The blacklist and Orange is the new black.


Favorite Ice cream:  (Just for you CJ 😉 )


What are you doing on a normal day at 10:00am and 10:00pm?
10AM:  Teaching, playing with, or entertaining Kiddos!
10PM:  Editing



Things my mama taught me:
Don’t say “it’s ok” when someone apologizes  if it’s not ok.  Just say Thank you.
How to sew
You respect people.  Always.
Everyone has a disability (even if it’s a just a weakness) once you figure out what it is, you know them on another level and you can help them grow or your relationship grow.
Don’t apologize for the way you fee.  They’re your feelings, own them.


I think that’s about it.  I hope that gives you some good insight into who I am! 🙂


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Ryan & Rachel’s Louisville Wedding!

We traveled to Louisville, KY for Rachel & Ryan’s wedding a few weeks ago!  It was a beautiful weekend, rained off and on but nothing that was going to ruin their awesome weekend.  Saturday morning we started the morning with Rachel getting her make up done at the mall.  Then headed off to the church to finish getting ready.  Their day was beautiful and we had so much fun.






Her Father was so sweet seeing her for the first time!





I don’t even need to tell you how beautiful this church was! So awesome!













A trolley to take us to and from… yes please!


















2013-08-27_0051 2013-08-27_0050 2013-08-27_0049 2013-08-27_0048

So “funny” side story about the cake.  After the ceremony we found out that the cake fell into itself!  Some friends/family of the couple worked hard to put it back together to the best that they could and quickly.  They ended up completely loosing a tier all together.  But the cake was still delicious!



2013-08-27_0019 2013-08-27_0042 2013-08-27_0040 2013-08-27_0035 2013-08-27_00332013-08-27_0032 2013-08-27_00262013-08-26_0009

Thank you so much Rachel & Ryan!  We had so much fun with you on your wedding weekend.  And Thank You Shannon too!  🙂           I hope you all enjoy these!

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Maggie & Phil are engaged!

I’m so excited for the wedding of these two!  We headed downtown for an evening engagement session.  They were so super sweet and it makes me that much more excited for their wedding.  Enjoy your sneak peek you two!

      2013-04-15_0015 2013-04-15_0014 2013-04-15_0013 2013-04-15_0012 2013-04-15_0011 2013-04-15_0010 2013-04-15_0009 2013-04-15_0008 2013-04-15_0007 2013-04-15_0006 2013-04-15_0005 2013-04-15_0004 2013-04-15_0003 2013-04-15_0002

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Wedding photography contest!

IMG_4244 copy

I’ve been shooting weddings for several years now, and I’ve fallen so in love with them!  They are long days, and TONS of work, but so much fun.  I think that everyone deserves to have amazing wedding photos, your big day only happens once.  Those memories should be captured so that you have them to reflect on for MANY, MANY years in the future.

Two years ago I wanted to do this contest, but I just didn’t make myself sit down and do it.  But here I am, trying it this year.  2013 is an exciting new year for me personally and professionally.  I have so many big plans this year and I’m so excited to start the year with this one.

Are you ready for the details?

I’m looking for local engaged couples, who will be holding their wedding in central Ohio, in 2013 or 2014!  A couple who is still looking for a wedding photographer, and a couple who is madly in love and willing to share their day with me.

Now for the PRIZE;  (because I know that’s what you’re all so excited about)

The winning couple will win 6 hours of photography coverage on their wedding day with me!!!

How to enter;

The couple must email me a photo of themselves (does not have to be a professional photo, any will do)  by February 4th, 2013

I will then post all of the entries and “voting” will be held from February 5th- February 12th, 2013 (more details about voting will be posted later!)

So, now is the time…. email your entries now to info@tashabraniffphotography.com

I’m so excited for this contest and I hope you all are too!

The fine print:   The wedding & reception need to be held within 30 miles of Tasha Braniff Photography.  This offer has no cash value.  Cheaters will NOT be tolerated.  If you’re suspected of cheating you will be removed from the contest.  The wedding date needs to be one that is not already booked. The package offered is for coverage time only, a la carte items can be purchased at a later date. 

Janie & Chad, Married!!Mr & Mrs WilliamsonBret + Brooke {Married}Bret + Brooke {Married}

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Miranda. 2013 Senior!

Meet Miranda!  She’s a BEAUTIFUL senior.  I did her sister’s photos last year, so I was so excited when her mom called for me to do Miranda’s this year. 

Enjoy these girl…the rest are headed your way soon!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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