We went to the Lego store!

This handsome little man (wait, he’s not so little anymore….) belongs to our friends Ashley & Ryan. You’ve seen them here and here.

Kasch turns TWO this week.  I’ve photographed him since he was 3 months old.

We all loaded up and went to the LEGO STORE for his session.  How FUN is that?!  He had a blast running around and checking everything out.  We did too.

Happy 2nd birthday Kasch man, I can’t wait to watch you grow year after year!  We  ❤ you guys!


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Steve & Kate {engaged}

Kate & Steve are getting married in 2014!  They contacted me to do engagement photos for them.  The first day we had scheduled we got rained out, from the remnants of super storm Sandy, so we rescheduled!  We ended up with a beautiful day.  We headed down to the Ohio State University Campus for some shots at some of their favorite locations. 



Congratulations you two!  I hope to work with you again in the future!

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Happy SECOND birthday Cole!




How adorable is this little man?!

He’s turning TWO! 

We met in Dublin at Jeni’s Ice Cream.  We played outside for a few minutes and tried to get him to warm up to me.  Then we went inside to get him some delicious strawberry ice cream, and write on the chalk board of course!!

Happy Birthday Cole!  I hope you have a wonderful year. 


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Jaedyn Turns ONE!



This cute little man is turning one this month!  I’ve known his mama since she was born.  It’s so crazy that we’re both “grown with kids” now!  We headed to Our Cupcakery in Dublin for a quick cake smash session.  He showed up in his ADORABLE Toms.  I died. I personally LOVE Toms.  Then a baby in them.  LOVE! 

He lucked out since we arrived RIGHT when they opened, he got a FRESH WARM cupcake. I may have snuck a bite.  It was deslish!

Happy Birthday little man! 


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Everything changes!

It’s no big secret I haven’t been a very good blogger.  I very much disliked my old blog, and I’ve been trying to figure out how I wanted to redo it.  Well I’ve finally made the decision, along with some other VERY big decisions about my business. I’ve decided on the look, the feel and the emotion I want my business to carry.  I’ve been working hard on the details in order to make that all show through to you all, and especially to my clients.

Now it’s time to execute all of those changes.  I have a new blog coming, and some other surprises!  Please keep reading my blog, as I’m going to be better about updating it.  Hang in there with me as I try to do all of this right in the middle of my BUSY season!

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Fall mini session giveaway!

Last week I decided I wanted to give away one mini session for my Fall mini sessions, being held on September 30th.  I asked for people to submit stories about why they, or someone they know should be chosen to receive a free photos.  I got a handful of responses.  And then I had to pick one …. wow what pressure!  I did make a decision and have decided to give the 15 minute session to TWO “winners”.  My heart goes out to them both…I can’t make a decision.  And in respect for them both I’m not going to post their names, at least until I contact them and tell them what they’ve won!

Thank you all for your entries.  I hope to be able to offer this again in the future.  I have always been one to believe that if you give into the world what you want out of it, it will come back to you.  I’ve been blessed with my family, and with my business, and I only feel it’s right to offer these sessions to someone deserving. 

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Kristi & Matt are MARRIED!

 I first met with Kristi and Matt last year, and they were on top of the wedding planning.  I loved it.  They knew what they wanted for their big day, and they were out to get it done.  We started their day with them early Friday morning, with the girls getting ready at Kristi & Matt’s house.  I hung out there with the girls, and Sarah came and met us later, then she headed to hang with the guys for a bit, then we met back up!  Their day was beautiful— a wedding and reception at The Vault, in Columbus, Ohio.  Here are just a few of the TONS and TONS of photos Sarah and I took.  Matt & Kristi already have seen them ALL, and I know they love them because Kristi text me thrilled after I delivered them.  BUT I hope you all enjoy these 🙂





I’m not even going to tell you what happend right here…because it was too awesome.  And if word gets out- no one will ever be able to do it at a wedding again!  🙂  If you’re a bride or groom, with a good sense of humor ask me…I’ll tell you 🙂

 Congratulations you two!  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wonderful day!

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