OSU Buckeye Bash

I’ve wanted to do an OSU mini session for awhile now…and this summer is the time!
I have been brainstorming for a few weeks now, a way to make it work so that I could get what I wanted…to take photos INSIDE the SHOE!  I found out what I needed to do to make it happen, and Sarah and I decided to collaborate and make it happen together.

I will be posting the official announcement (hopefully) tomorrow, and Sarah will be posting hers as well.  We are SO very excited about this.  We have some AWESOME things planned.  The best part…you have the chance to have your photos, of YOUR family, taken INSIDE the shoe…while NO ONE ELSE is in there.  How Awesome is that?! 

Please note; you will notice a higher rate for the portraits inside the Shoe, we do have to pay to be inside, as sad as it is…OSU doesn’t just allow us to go in there and do what we want.  It’s costing us a pretty penny. 

But PLEASE mark this on your calendar and call or email me to sign up, as soon as I post the announcement because the spots will go fast. 

I look forward to seeing you all on August 21st!

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