Welcome to my blog!

Hi Everyone!!
I’m SO EXCITED to finally have my facebook page and my blog up and ready for you to see!!
Here are a favorite photos that I’ve taken…there will be many more photos on this blog soon!!
This one is from a session I did last fall.  A friend from High school & her hubby (Dille Family) were expecting their first baby.  We went to Slate Run and had some fun shooting! 
This next one is also from their shoot!  (Dille Family)
(The next photo) I also did some ‘love photos’ last fall of some friends of ours.  Nataleigh & Dave.  They didn’t get engagement photos before they got married, so I convinced Nataleigh to let me do some photos of them!  We did their photos at Gantz Park!
My Uncle (Also a photographer) got married just one month before I did (3 years ago) and I shot his wedding!  They got married at the Franklin County Fairgrounds, inside that tiny church there.  It was an awesome little church.
This little lady…..
Was the center of my world until she went to full time preschool.  This photo was taken at Lynd’s Fruit Farm.  We had so much fun picking apples and taking photos that day. 
I love this family.  Talk about a family with Big hearts.  That would be the Norris Family!  Love them.  I babysat the two little ones for awhile.  They have a basement that any little kid would LOVE to play in.  TOYS, TOYS, TOYS, and space to RUN.  Who am I joking…I loved to play in it too 🙂  I did photos for them last Fall at Prairie Oaks.
There you have it.  Just a few of my favorites! 
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One Response to Welcome to my blog!

  1. Megan says:

    🙂 I cant wait til you post more!

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